The Dark Commonwealth

“Plots, true or false, are necessary things,
To raise up commonwealths, and ruin kings.”

Welcome, Friend, to the world of The Dark Commonwealth.
Enter in if you will, but take care...

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About The Dark Commonwealth.

The Dark Commonwealth is a narrative role-playing game set in an alternative-history version of the mid-seventeenth century British civil-war period.

Within this setting, Player and Dramatist work in amicable collaboration to create a tale of adventure!

How does a narrative role-playing game work?

As a player, you begin by creating a character, the person through whose eyes you will explore the Dark Commonwealth. You will then receive a chapter - or turn - via our online forum: a few pages of writing describing the situation your character finds themselves in, and which culminates in an event which will require you to decide what you want your character to do next. You then think about what you would like your character to do, and post it in your private section of our game forum for the Dramatist to read. In response, you will receive another turn...And so the story continues.

The World of The Dark Commonwealth.

“How the blackness of the night perverts our daily world. Turns it insides-out, shows the bones above the flesh, the corrupting threat that's so easily hid away in the dazzle of sunlight.”

The world of Dark Commonwealth exists in an atmosphere of earthy realism shot through with threads of the uncanny and the supernatural, threads which could eventually weave together into a full-blown tapestry of horror.

All the inhabitants of the three kingdoms, of whatever religious or political alignment, and of whatever level of social standing or degree of sophistication, are aware at some level of what can only be described as a rising tide of malignancy abroad.

Decade by decade and year by year, month by month, it has been mounting and intensifying, setting men at each other's throats, dividing communities into ever-smaller and ever more mutually hostile sub-sections with ever more extreme beliefs and violent emotions.

And this all-too-human animosity has been accompanied by an escalating increase in bizarre and inimical natural (and less natural) phenomena, for all the world as if a voracious darkness has been waking in the land.

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